Looking for cheap car service? We offer a different approach

It’s a question you likely have asked when your car needed a repair: should I take my vehicle to the dealership or go to an independent shop? The answer to this question will vary based on your situation. Sometimes (when warranty covers it, but not always), the dealership might be the right answer. But in all cases you are never required to go to the dealer.
Then comes the other question – why should I choose Bestiale over the dealer/other shops? Let’s find out the answer to this question 😊

Why choose Bestiale over the dealership/other shops?

There are a few reasons why you should choose Bestiale:

1. We price our services based on the quality of service

Without hesitation, the biggest reason is the incredible quality that we offer in our care for the cars. This is why the company was started and the passion for perfection has been behind every decision we make. We are buying only factory tools, diagnostic software, factory service information and genuine parts (while OEM and high-performance options are available in some cases at client request). We also back this up with a 101-year labor warranty (parts carry their separate 12-24-month warranty).

Other shops may be able to complete their repairs using fewer steps, saving on labor hours. At Bestiale we follow the repair guidelines mandated by the manufacturer because we believe that this is the best way of servicing a car. After all, the manufacturer is the only one who has designed and built the car and knows the best way of taking care of it.

Most of the other shops offer car services for all kinds of brands. You should choose Bestiale because we are specializing only in Audi, Porsche, Bentley, and VW. We are not touching anything else. Every brand has its own specifics for repair and servicing, and to do it the right way, you need to know everything about a car. If you go to a shop that services every brand, it is very likely that they use general tools, software and repair information, which results in lower quality service/repair.

2. Complete service

At Bestiale, you will receive almost complete service for your car. The only thing that we don’t do currently is body straightening. Our shop is one stop for all the maintenance, service, repair, modification, and upgrades for your car.

  • Maintenance, service, and repair – we are offering 100% of what the regular dealership and other shops are offering together with our attention to detail. This includes but it is not limited to factory scheduled maintenance service and standard repairs, etc.
  • Modifications and upgrades – we offer a wide array for upgrading your car which almost no dealer and very few shops offer. We partner only with the best in the industry after meticulous research and ongoing reviews.

3. Taking care of each car like it is our own

If you want your car to have every single nut, bolt, clamp/etc. on it, as designed by the manufacturer (or the aftermarket manufacturer of the respective part) then we are the place for you. We really order every single nut and bolt from the dealer by the part number from the manufacturer part catalog as this is the only way to ensure perfection. Our attention to detail could not be compared with any other shop or dealership. This avoids much bigger and more costly problems in the future. When a generic/non-genuine, or even worse, a slightly damaged $2 bolt is used, instead of replacing it, then the parts that it connects might get damaged. If this part is a transmission housing ($1,000 – $10,000 or even more) or even just a valve cover then you can understand that it doesn’t make any sense to save the 2-3 minutes and $2 on replacing the bolt.

Everybody doing it isn’t a reason to do It

Many other companies offer free estimates. Just because our competitors are doing it, it doesn’t mean that we should do it.


  • Value your and our time
  • Know that finding the cause for problem with the car is one of the most difficult things to do

You may be thinking that providing a free quote is another way to be helpful to our customers like other shops are doing it. Maybe to provide better customer service or to provide more value to the customer or something similar. But here’s the deal though. Free quotes are never free. Usually, the expense is covered by an increase in hourly rate or hidden somewhere else in the pricing model. You can call it a free quote, but you are paying for it in the end.

That’s why at Bestiale, we are always giving a price range for the estimates. We value our and your time and we take the time to properly find what the root cause and not guess or recommend replacing the half the engine. Sometimes these diagnoses could take 2-4 hours, other times could take up to 7 or more days.

We are transparent about our conditions from the beginning. We are always giving you a few options for fixing the problem (when it is possible) together with everything else that we are seeing around the car during this estimate. Providing you with all the necessary services that the car needs is the best option to see the whole picture and decide which is the best option for you (budget-wise and time-wise).

At Bestiale, we prefer to simply be upfront, transparent, and give you reasonable pricing.

In the end, deciding where to take your vehicle for repairs is a personal choice. Knowing all facts and figures up front is the best way to make a knowledgeable decision for you and your car. Give us a call at 562-448-2599, send an email at contact@bestiale.net, or simply use the contact form, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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