Bilstein B12 (PRO-KIT) – Suspension Kit, ID: 46-183323

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The BILSTEIN B12-Pro-Kit series offers the perfect start to lower your car and get that sporty driveability. The formula: Four high-performance shock absorbers, four springs, best tuning and BILSTEIN expertise.

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Bilstein B12 (Pro-Kit) (Mfg#46-183323) suspension kit is a complete set of B8 Performance Plus dampers paired with Eibach (Pro-Kit) springs that provide moderate lowering between 24-40mm (depending on application). These kits offer dampers and springs that are tuned for each specific application to provide the best-fixed height lowering solution. Bilstein B12 (Pro-Kit) suspension kits provide the perfect combination of suspension dynamics, quality, and aesthetics.


  • Finish: Dampers: Yellow/Springs: Dark Grey
  • Internal Design: Monotube
  • Series: B12 (Pro-Kit)
  • Title: Bilstein Shock Absorbers


  • Front Lowered Height: 35mm, up to 1105kg Axle Load
  • Rear Lowered Height: 30mm, up to 1160kg Axle Load
  • Without Electronic Suspension
  • Fits position: Front and Rear

Brand: Bilstein

  • Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary.


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MakeModelYearDrivelineTrim level
AudiA420092.0L A/T AWDAvant Wagon Quattro
AudiA420092.0L A/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA420092.0L A/T AWDCabriolet Convertible Quattro
AudiA420092.0L CVT FWDBase Sedan
AudiA420092.0L CVT FWDCabriolet Convertible
AudiA420092.0L M/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA420093.2L V6 A/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA420093.2L V6 A/T AWDCabriolet Convertible Quattro
AudiA420093.2L V6 M/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA42010A/T AWDAvant Wagon Quattro
AudiA42010A/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42010CVT FWDBase
AudiA42010M/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA42011A/T AWDAvant Wagon Quattro
AudiA42011A/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42011CVT FWDBase
AudiA42011M/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA42012A/T AWDAvant Wagon Quattro
AudiA42012A/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA42012CVT FWDBase
AudiA42012M/T AWDBase Sedan Quattro
AudiA42013A/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42013CVT FWDBase
AudiA42013FLEX A/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42013FLEX M/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42013M/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42014A/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42014CVT FWDBase
AudiA42014FLEX A/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42014FLEX M/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42014M/T AWDBase Quattro
AudiA42015A/T AWDPremium Plus Quattro
AudiA42015A/T AWDPremium Quattro
AudiA42015A/T AWDPrestige Quattro
AudiA42015CVT FWDPremium
AudiA42015CVT FWDPremium Plus
AudiA42015CVT FWDPrestige
AudiA42015FLEX A/T AWDPremium Plus Quattro
AudiA42015FLEX A/T AWDPremium Quattro
AudiA42015FLEX A/T AWDPrestige Quattro
AudiA42015FLEX M/T AWDPremium Plus Quattro
AudiA42015FLEX M/T AWDPremium Quattro
AudiA42015FLEX M/T AWDPrestige Quattro
AudiA42015M/T AWDPremium Plus Quattro
AudiA42015M/T AWDPremium Quattro
AudiA42015M/T AWDPrestige Quattro

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