Discover the unlimited possibilities for your Audi, Bentley, VW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW with the services that we offer

Maintenance and Repair

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Performance Tuning

Inspection Service

Race/Track Preparation

audi service

Maintenance and Repair

We offer 100% of the factory recommended maintenance as well as 100% auto repair services for Audi, Bentley, and Volkswagen (and some services for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW).
Please contact us with the specific request and we will let you know.

  • Warranty: maintenance and service warranty contracts.
  • Oil change: engine oil change and engine oil filter replacement
  • AdBlue: fluid check, replacement and fill up
  • Coolant: cooling system check and fill up
  • Check engine light (CEL): ECU onboard diagnosis check and repair
  • Battery: check and/or replacement
  • Dust and pollen filter: check and/or replacement
  • Spark plugs: replacement
  • Power steering: fluid and complete system check and fill up
  • Intake/air cleaner/filter: replacement and housing check and cleaning
  • Belts: ribbed V belt and tensioner check and replacement
  • Fluid replacement: brake fluid, transmission fluid, drive axle,
  • Diagnostics: Complete engine/TDI/diesel diagnostic, full rebuild, repair, tune-up, carbon clean and full TDI maintenance
  • Automatic/Tiptronic transmission: check, service, fluid change and full repair/rebuild
  • DSG/S Tronic transmission: check, service, ATF/MTF/filter change and full repair/rebuild
  • Timing belt: replacement and check of the timing belt tensioning system, dampening pulleys and idler pulleys
  • Tires, wheels, rims: replacement and/or rotation, spare wheel check
  • Check all lights: headlights/taillights, and interior/exterior lights check and repair
  • Service reminder/indicator: reset
  • Clutch and flywheel: service and repair
  • Cabriolet roof: cloth top check, lubrication, and repair
  • Brake system: brake pads, discs/rotors and full system check, replacement, flush and repair
  • Exhaust system: check, repair and replacement
  • Suspension: CV joint check for play, dust seals, ball joints, tie rod ends and full system repair
  • Manual transmission: check, service, fluid change and full repair/rebuild
  • Continuously variable transmission (CVT/Multitronic): check, service, ATF change, and full repair/rebuild
  • R8 Coupe and R8 Spyder: Tiptronic gearbox check, service, fluid/filter change, and full repair/rebuild
  • Snow screen for air cleaner: check and clean
  • Fuel filter: replacement
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF): check of ash loading and replacement
  • Plenum panel: water drains check and cleaning
  • Wiper blades: check and/or replacement
  • Windshield washer/headlight washer: check and repair
  • Horn: check and repair
  • Doors/hood/sunroof/moonroof: check, lubrication and repair
  • Drive shaft boots: check and replacement
  • Final drive: check, fluid change and full repair
  • Differential and rear sport differential: check, fluid change and full repair
  • Underbody/undercarriage: check and repair
  • Crash-active headrest: check and repair
  • Haldex clutch: check, oil change, and repair
  • Windows and window regulators: repair

Performance Tuning

Looking for a place to tune your car according to your exact goals? You got it. No-BS factual information while using only the highest quality cutting edge parts and technologies. Our goal is to offer in-house meticulous service on almost all mechanical and most other services. We have extremely carefully selected partners who complete our 100% service coverage. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Intake: upgrade and installation
  • Exhaust: upgrade and installation
  • Wheels: upgrade and installation
  • Tires: upgrade and installation
  • Engine: custom engine builds (pistons, heads, turbos, etc.)
  • Brakes: big brake kits, upgrade, and installation
  • Engine tuning: Engine/ECU software upgrade (GIAC calibration dealer)
  • Transmission tuning: transmission/TCU software upgrade (GIAC calibration dealer)
  • Suspension: upgrade, installation, and alignment
  • Turbo/supercharger: upgrade and installation
  • Aerodynamic/body/exterior: full body kit, spoiler and wing installation, and adjustment
  • Electronics: electronic upgrade and installations
  • Euro headlights: European headlight conversions
  • Interior: carbon fiber trim piece installation and upgrade
  • We offer intakes, exhausts, coilovers/springs, sway bars, intercoolers/FMICs, pulleys and many, many more. Ask us your specific questions and we will be glad to help.

Inspection Service

Choose between one of the three levels of inspection service that we offer. Details are below:

Minor Service

19 points inspection, up to 2h

  • Onboard computer fault memory
  • Warning lights & messages (ABS, airbag, O2 sensor, etc.)
  • Tire wear, pressure, and condition
  • Water in oil (Check the underside of oil filler cap)
  • Accessory belt condition and tension of belt drive with a manual tensioner
  • Power steering fluid level
  • Engine oil on the dipstick (or MMI) for level and condition
  • Engine coolant level and condition
  • Radiator hoses upper/lower & heater hoses
  • Transmission fluid auto/manual (leakage check)
  • Battery condition
  • Brake fluid level/condition
  • Suspension noise/performance
  • Driveaxle joint boots
  • Vehicle ride, vibration, and overall driveability
  • Starter operation/starting
  • Brake system damage, leaks, and thickness of pads
  • Wiper blades condition
  • Windshield washer and headlight washing system adjustment and function

Major Service

47 points inspection, up to 4h

  • Everything from Minor service and
  • Parking brake
  • Foot pedals/operation and covers
  • Front bumper
  • Front headlight lens
  • Headlamps high/low beam
  • Headlamps adjustment
  • Front parking lights
  • Front fog lights
  • Front turn signals & hazard lights
  • Horn function
  • Front hood condition and paint condition
  • Rear tail lights
  • Rear turn signals
  • Rear back-up lights
  • Rear fog lights
  • Rear license plate lights
  • Rear turn signals and hazard lights
  • Rear brake lights and center brake light
  • Safety belt clip for belt tongue and function of all safety belts
  • Rear bumper
  • Convertible top (only for Cabriolet/Roadster)
  • ABS function
  • Anti-roll bars/links/bushings
  • Struts, shocks, and springs
  • Control arms and steering rack
  • Brake calipers and hoses
  • Brake disc thickness and wear
  • Exhaust system damage and leaks

Complete Service

81 points inspection, up to 8h

  • Everything from Major service and
  • Engine performance idle/noise/vibrations
  • Smooth acceleration/deceleration
  • Transmission and shift points
  • Transmission/transaxle noise (cold/hot)
  • Clutch/torque converter operation
  • Exhaust noises/odors
  • Lower splash shield
  • Lower engine mounts
  • Sway bars/links/bushings
  • Exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, and heat shield
  • Rear axle fluid level
  • Engine/Transmission/Differentials/Transaxle seals/gaskets
  • Transmission/mounts/control linkages
  • Differential/Torsen®/quattro®
  • Check spare tire
  • Engine compression test
  • Front windshield
  • Panorama sunroof systems: Check functionality for all models
  • Plenum panel: Remove cover for plenum panel to check water drain
  • Underbody (including front and rear closeout panels): Check for damage and leaks
  • Visual check: Check the chassis for possible paint damage and corrosion, from the inside and outside with the doors as well as hood and trunk lids open
  • Visual check: Check that the wheelhouse liners, underbody paneling, and lines are correctly mounted
  • Check water drain in fuel filler door (R8 only)
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF): Check ash loading according to manufacturer work procedure (All TDI models)
  • Engine mounts (top area)
  • A/C compressor/lines/condenser
  • Cooling system pressure test (Check for leaks)
  • Cooling fan
  • Transmission system condition
  • Check all hoses for air and fluid leaks
  • Power steering pump/hoses
  • Park sensors (if equipped)
  • Front end alignment of panels (gaps)

Race/Track Preparation

Safety is the most important thing when you are on track. Let us help you prepare your car with the outstanding services that we offer.

We provide 31-point inspection service to help you understand if your car is ready for the track. This inspection includes the following:

  • Engine - coolant hoses, drive belts, wiring, steering, etc.
  • Brakes and tires - brake calipers, pads, brake pedal, lug bolts, wheels, etc.
  • Suspension - shocks, bushings, tie rod ends, CV joint, etc.
  • Body and lights - brake lights, headlights, tail lights, doors, hood/trunk lids, etc.
  • Interior - seats, seat belts, etc.
  • Miscellaneous items - tow hook, etc.

Prepare your car for the track and make it faster, more powerful, and with better stopping power than ever. See below some of the many options that we can offer:

  • Upgrade the brake fluid
  • Upgrade the brake pads/discs/calipers
  • Upgrade the suspension
  • Increase the engine power - software upgrade, chip tuning, hardware upgrades
  • Upgrade the tires with race tires/high-performance tires
  • Install spoilers, canards (winglets), cameras, etc.

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