Race/Track Preparation

Race/Track Preparation

Safety is the most important thing when you are on track. Let us help you prepare your car with the outstanding services that we offer.

We provide 31-point inspection service to help you understand if your car is ready for the track. This inspection includes the following:

  • Engine - coolant hoses, drive belts, wiring, steering, etc.
  • Brakes and tires - brake calipers, pads, brake pedal, lug bolts, wheels, etc.
  • Suspension - shocks, bushings, tie rod ends, CV joint, etc.
  • Body and lights - brake lights, headlights, tail lights, doors, hood/trunk lids, etc.
  • Interior - seats, seat belts, etc.
  • Miscellaneous items - tow hook, etc.

Prepare your car for the track and make it faster, more powerful, and with better stopping power than ever. See below some of the many options that we can offer:

  • Upgrade the brake fluid
  • Upgrade the brake pads/discs/calipers
  • Upgrade the suspension
  • Increase the engine power - software upgrade, chip tuning, hardware upgrades
  • Upgrade the tires with race tires/high-performance tires
  • Install spoilers, canards (winglets), cameras, etc.

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Some of the brands that we are working with...

AWE Tuning
audi tuning
EBC Brakes
audi tuning