Milltek Non-Resonated Turbo-Back Exhaust system with Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst


The Milltek exhaust Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst reduces the restriction over the OE catalysts, allowing for a free-flowing exhaust system to improve your engine’s performance.

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The Milltek exhaust - Sport Turbo-Back range offers performance enhancements for turbocharged vehicle owners looking to tune their vehicles. Providing the turbo with an exhaust system manufactured with enlarged diameter throughout for enhanced gas-flow properties for lower back pressure as a result of the reduced restrictions and benefits with the suitably aggressive exhaust sound it deserves.

Installing a high flow cat-back exhaust is a quick way to pick up horsepower and torque. A cat-back exhaust will also give your Golf R a sportier tone. All Milltek cat-back exhaust systems feature a bolt-on design and mate seamlessly with your factory or most aftermarket downpipes.

The resonated cat-back exhaust features a center resonator and rear muffler producing a more refined and quieter exhaust tone while the non-resonated systems incorporate only a rear muffler and provide a louder more aggressive tone compared to the resonated systems.

The Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with electronic exhaust control valves.


GIAC checklistFor optimal performance gain, Stage 2 ECU tune is required.





  • Resonated - Non-Resonated
  • Pipe Size: 3.00 inch (76.20mm)
  • Tip finish - polished
  • Tip shape - oval (jet)
  • EC approved- No
  • Off-road use only - No

What is in the box?

What is in the box?

  • Downpipe and Hi-Flow Sports Catalyst
  • Front Connecting Pipe
  • Centre Silencer Delete Pipe
  • Polished Jet (oval) 118 X 83 exhaust tip
  • Rear Silencer

About Miltek

Founded in 1983 by a true car enthusiast, we have grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of performance exhaust systems for a continually growing range of vehicles.

With headquarters in the UK and a development & testing center at the iconic Nürburgring, Germany; we design, develop and test our range of exhaust systems in-house using state of the art equipment, such as the latest All Electrical CNC Mandrel Tube Benders and Faro 3D Laser Scanners, which combined with one of the most experienced teams of Engineers and Production Staff in the industry, allows us to continue to be the first to deliver market products and innovative designs.

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Additional information

Weight 73 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 24 × 15.5 in


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