GIAC Stage 3 K04 software upgrade


Stage 3 K04 adds horsepower, torque and more throttle response throughout the power band. The requirements to run this calibration are: K04 stock injectors FMIC TBE Intake

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Upgrade your VW Passat CC 2008 – Present, 2.0 Turbo TSI with GIAC Stage 3 K04

  • Horsepower gain: 197 HP -> 300 HP* (pump mode)/365 HP** (race mode)
  • Toque gain: 207 Ft-Lbs -> 315 Ft-Lbs* (pump mode)/365 Ft-Lbs** (race mode)

Optional switcher with stock, race, kill, valet and/or firewall mode may be available for in-car map switching starting at $220 (contact us for details)

We highly recommend the car to be in perfect mechanical condition. Availability is dependent on the ECU version of the car (listed below) and if not know we will be glad to check it (complimentary) if you visit us with the car. HP and torque figures are average engine estimates. They are derived from wheel power and acceleration testing. Results may vary depending on a variety of factors. These are transmission, vehicle health, operating conditions, temperatures and other environmental conditions, dyno type, dyno setup, fuel grade, other variables, and modifications.

* 91 octane fuel compatible. 93 octane fuel for optimum results.

** 100 octane fuel compatible. 105 octane fuel for optimum results. Optional switcher or remapping required.

This product is valid for the following ECUs (feel free to stop by our shop to check yours): 06J906026EQ.


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