KW Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) Kit


You are not buying a mass-produced, generic system, a KW height adjustable spring system has been developed specifically for your particular vehicle B7 RS4.

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Audi B7 RS4 KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit is a great alternative to conventional lowering springs. You now longer have to be satisfied with a fixed lowering height. KW HAS systems allow you to adjust the vehicle ride height with the KW height adjuster even after the kit has been installed. Your vehicle does not only get a more dynamic look with the KW height adjustable spring kit but also the steering behavior and response of the standard dampers become more agile. All driver assistance systems and comfort features of a factory adaptive or electronic suspension remain operational and work harmoniously with our vehicle-specific spring setup.

*Features* *

  • Front lowering - 0.6" to 1.8"
  • Rear lowering - 0.0" to 1.0"
  • Superb ride quality
  • 2019+ (4M) Audi Q8 model years

Setup – Sporty Harmonic Spring Rates

Audi B7 RS4 KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit uses high-quality springs made of chrome-silicon steel with spring rates designed specifically for each respective OE suspension damper and wheel load. KW's expertise and engineering ensure the spring rates will pair perfectly with the different damper characteristics of your factory adaptive electronic suspension. Along with the use of high quality materials and the included KW ride height adjustment mechanisms, our KW height adjustable spring kits always includes the vehicle-specific bump stops with dust protection system to protect your factory suspension against wear & tear caused by road grime and debris.

Continuous Ride Height Adjustment

Similar to a coilover suspension, the KW height adjustable springs allow a continuous adjustable ride height within a tested range, something not possible with conventional lowering springs. The dust protection elements and spring perches included in the delivery, when applicable, are always adjusted to the maximum technically possible lowering, typically limited by the factory dampers. With KW height adjustable springs, a sporty and harmonious driving behavior can be achieved without the driving dynamics of performance-oriented vehicles suffering.

About KW

Offering an immense independent aftermarket suspension portfolio, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, development, and test center, KW automotive has been operating successfully in all markets for over 25 years. In recent years, the owner-managed company has developed over 16 different damping technologies to comply with its claim "The perfect suspension for every demand". The versatile product range of the KW suspensions brand is divided into the categories "Street Comfort", "Street Performance" and "Track Performance" for the respective application. Sporty drivers rely on the height-adjustable spring sets and KW coilovers with their wide range of damping options, as well as the Nürburgring Nordschleife-tested KW Clubsport coilovers with road approval and parts certification. Worldwide, KW has seven international subsidiaries in the most important markets like Belgium, China, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the USA. Of the 450 employees worldwide, around 330 work at the headquarters in Fichtenberg, where each suspension kit is handcrafted.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 6 in


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