GIAC DSG Stage 1 software upgrade


GIAC’s performance DSG software truly optimize launch control shift and torque limiter features for the end-users performance modifications.

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Upgrade your Audi A3 8P 2005 – 2012, 2.0 Turbo FSI with GIAC DSG Stage 1

GIAC’s performance DSG software truly optimize launch control, shift and torque limiter feature for the end-users performance modifications. Matching this program with the GIAC engine calibration will give the best results. The upgrade supports higher torque levels, faster shift speeds, and higher launch and rev limiters to ensure you get the most from your car. GIAC DSG performance software complements our performance engine calibrations and is installed in a short time using regular GIAC flashing tools through the OBDII port. Installation does not require removal of the DSG computer from the car at any time.

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  • Increased linearity on part throttle input, nearly to 1:1 input between the accelerator pedal and throttle plate
  • Faster, smoother transitions between gears at part and wide-open throttle
  • Part throttle torque limiters for shifts removed to alleviate potential hard shifting due to exceeding torque limit (alleviates “EPC limp mode” issues specific to this as well)
  • Full clutch clamping pressure at wide-open throttle allows for 100% power delivery to the ground
  • Optimized torque limits to better match increased engine power with ECU performance software
  • Improved clutch pack transitions between shifts for cleaner shift feel
  • Improved upshift/downshift paddle response time
  • Optimized transmission overheat protection

We highly recommend the car to be in perfect mechanical condition. Availability is dependent on the ECU version of the car (listed below) and if not known we will be glad to check it (complimentary) if you stop by our shop.

This product is valid for the following ECUs (feel free to stop by our shop to check yours): 02E300042Q _0928; 02E300043Q_1303; 02E300043C _1110; 02E300043C_1125; 02E300043Q_1301; 02E300044J_1404.

Installation details

After you purchase the software, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to install it. The installation must be done at our shop in Culver City, CA (full address) with a physically present car.

Give us a call at (562) 448-2599, send us an email to, or also use our contact form (click here) if you have any questions.

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