Marketing Agency or Consultant


We are currently looking for a marketing agency or individual who can help with our marketing efforts. We are a tuning and repair company that specializes in most VW brands (Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and VW and in the future: Lamborghini and Bugatti). We are absolutely obsessed with quality and this is our biggest differentiator with reasonable pricing. Bestiale (“incredible” from Italian) will enhance the performance and visual appearance of our client’s automobiles with our perpetual passion for perfection, incredible quality, bleeding-edge technology and engineering that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth! We are a small family-owned company currently, however we plan to expand significantly and this is where you can help and grow with us. 

Our short term goals are to increase our client base reasonably quickly. This should be done with our long term goals in mind which are to design/sell our own line of performance parts and create a race team.

We are looking for help with our marketing efforts, specifically how to strategically market our company with these goals in mind. We are looking for a company/person who can check our current efforts/campaigns, advise us on what to keep/change and help get it done.


  1. Knowledge of the auto repair and/or aftermarket tuning in the US car industry and have managed marketing/advertising campaigns in the industry. Minimum 1-year of professional experience is required.
  2. Local presence in Culver City, CA. For example, photo/video shooting will be needed in the future (if not in the beginning).
  3. Basic knowledge of automotive technology like function of engine, transmission, differential, suspension, brakes, etc.
  4. Complete marketing services that cover all aspects of marketing (not only social media, and/or website audit). This includes (but not only): website audit and recommendations, advertising, marketing audit and strategy, social media, event marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, campaign management, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, e-commerce, public relations, conversion rate optimization, influencer marketing, etc.

Recommended qualities

  1. Deep knowledge of the Los Angeles area conditions (competitors, trends, etc).
  2. Deep knowledge of the German/British/Italian car tuning and repair industry.

Next step

We are looking for a long term partnership with the right company/individual. We are looking to start small for the first few months and then expand the collaboration aggressively afterward. Please reach out to us via e-mail if you think you/your company might be able to help and we’ll be glad to review/discuss it further. It would appreciated if you include the following information:

  1. A short paragraph on how you can address each requirement
  2. A short overview of the company history and achievements or resume for individuals.