Carbon Cleaning Service

What is direct-injection? And why do we need a carbon cleaning service?

Gasoline direct-injection technology allows gasoline engines to burn fuel more efficiently, resulting in more power, cleaner emissions, and increased fuel economy. While the benefits of direct-injection are well documented, there is an inherent downside with eliminating port injection which necessitates carbon cleaning.

Direct-injected engines from Audi and Volkswagen – FSI. TSI, and TFSI direct-injected engines – are prone to carbon buildup in the intake ports and on the intake valves. Therefore over time, they become severely detrimental to engine performance and efficiency. These deposits worsen over time, inhibiting airflow, and can even break off and fall into the intake tract. As a result, they can cause damage to the valves and internals. 

When the carbon buildup gets to a severe stage you will see misfire codes sporadically when the car is cold (or has been sitting for a while) and ultimately the check engine light will turn on. You might also experience a decrease in your fuel mileage, reduce engine power and poor idle.

At Bestiale, one of our main goals is to help our customers to maintain their car in the most efficient possible way (according to Audi and VW manuals). Therefore, we highly recommend to our clients to do Carbon Cleaning Service to their engines regularly. 
Some of the latest engines have port and direct injection to eliminate the carbon buildup, feel free to contact us if you need help with checking your type of engine.

What we do?

We perform carbon cleaning port-by-port, using a combination of walnut shell blasting and liquid solvents. This is the most superior method to completely clean the carbon buildup. During the process, the engine rotates so that the corresponding intake valves are closed. This ensures that no debris falls into the combustion chamber and all carbon deposits are carefully collected for a clean and best performing engine. We ensure that all seals/gaskets/hardware that is one-time use are replaced with OE/OEM quality parts. Carbon Cleaning should be done every 30k – 80k miles depending on use and many conditions.

Contact us to receive a personalized offer for your car. Here you can check some of our work with results:

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