GIAC ECU Upgrade for the Bentley Continental GT (2nd Gen) V8 4.0T

We are pleased to offer GIAC Stage 1 ECU tuning/upgrade for the 2nd generation Bentley Continental GT V8 4.0T. This ECU upgrade accommodates the factory exhaust and intake system and retains OEM-like drivability. At the same time it offers dramatic performance improvements throughout the entire power band. On 98 RON fuel (equivalent to 93 (R+M)/2 in the US), peak performance gain increases up to 65 HP and 80 ft-lbs torque at the wheels. Engine crank estimates show that power reaches 572 HP and torque 608 ft/lbs, increase of 89 HP and 104 ft-lbs torque.

In addition we also offer a race mode option that gives more power – 600 HP and torque 630 ft-lbs. Here are the benefits of the ECU tuning:

– properly recalibrated air/fuel ratios.

– improved the throttle response for a drive-by-cable system feel.

– optimized torque control for smoother part throttle power control and faster shifting.

– raised speed limiter to factory redline in final drive gear.

We gladly offer race and valet modes to be included in the Bentley Continental GT V8 upgrade as well, please contact us.

Dynamometer report for 2014 Bentley Continental GT V8

bentley continental gt v8
bentley continental gt v8
bentley continental gt v8

The ECU upgrade is an easy software upgrade of the factory ECU software over the OBD-II port and is available at Bestiale. Contact us to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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