Maintenance and repair

We are an expert Audi, VW (Volkswagen), Porsche and Bentley company and offer complete factory recommended maintenance schedules, repair, and service. We do it with total honesty, integrity, great customer service, and professionalism. We specialize and have the mechanical know-how in both newer and older models with over 30 years of experience (since 1987) and are 100% dealership alternative for all repairs. We train harder than the dealership technicians and we use the same or in many cases better training materials, factory manuals, factory parts catalogues, factory diagnostic and repair computers/tools/equipment for our signature “incredible” quality with a warranty of 101-years (one hundred and one year warranty, it is not a joke, we are so confident in our craftsmanship and expertise and we will give it in writing).

We offer courtesy transportation/shuttle to and from the shop, car pick-up, and delivery and a rental car are available for your convenience. We will be glad to share an expert advice over the phone with you and we can arrange car towing for you. We accept most extended service/repair/mechanical warranty contracts and insurance company contracts as well as all major credit cards.

We offer 100% maintenance, service and repair including:

  • Engine oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Complete engine/TDI/diesel diagnostic, full rebuild, repair, tune-up, carbon clean and full TDI maintenance
  • Check engine light (CEL)/service engine soon/ECU on-board diagnosis check and repair
  • Automatic/tiptronic transmission check, service, fluid change and full repair/rebuild
  • DSG/S Tronic transmission check, service, ATF/MTF/filter change and full repair/rebuild
  • Cooling system, coolant and coolant/water pump
  • Battery check and/or replacement
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Belts, ribbed V belt and tensioner check and replacement
  • Timing belt replacement and check of the timing belt tensioning system, dampening pulleys and idler pulleys
  • Wheels/rims check, replacement and/or rotation
  • Tires and spare wheel check, replacement and/or rotation
  • Lights, headlights and interior/exterior lights check and repair
  • Service reminder/indicator reset
  • Clutch and flywheel service and repair
  • Cabriolet roof, cloth top check, lubrication and repair
  • Brake system/fluid/job including brake fluid, pads, discs/rotors and full system check, replacement, flush and repair
  • Exhaust system check and repair
  • Suspension/front and rear axle/CV joint check for play, dust seals, ball joints, tie rod ends and full system repair
  • Manual transmission check, service, fluid change and full repair/rebuild
  • Continuously variable transmission (CVT/multitronic) check, service, ATF change and full repair/rebuild
  • R8 Coupe and R8 Spyder tiptronic gearbox check, service, fluid/filter change and full repair/rebuild
  • AdBlue fluid check, replacement and fill up
  • Dust and pollen filter check and/or replacement
  • Power steering fluid and complete system check and fill up
  • Intake/air cleaner/filter replacement, housing check and clean
  • Snow screen for air cleaner check and clean
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Diesel particulate filter (DPF) check of ash loading and replacement
  • Plenum panel water drains check and cleaning
  • Wiper blades check and/or replacement
  • Wiper/windshield washer/headlight washer check and repair
  • Horn check and repair
  • Doors/hood/sunroof/moonroof check, lubrication and repair
  • Drive shaft boots check and replacement
  • Final drive check, fluid change and full repair
  • Differential and rear sport differential check, fluid change and full repair
  • Underbody/undercarriage check and repair
  • Crash active headrest check and repair
  • Haldex clutch check, oil change and repair
  • Windows and window regulators repair
  • We carry genuine Audi, VW (Volkswagen), Porsche and Bentley parts as well as Bosch parts.
  • 2010 and newer models for which the “Care free maintenance” plan at the dealership is ending, we are fully equipped to continue the Audi, VW (Volkswagen), Porsche and Bentley maintenance schedule intervals and fully repair your baby when needed.
  • And many more, contact us for details…

We service many areas including: Culver city, Studio city, Universal city, Santa Monica, Burbank, North Hollywood, Venice, Marina Del Rey, West Los Angeles/West LA/Westside, Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), C.C.  and beyond. Call us for incredible quality and friendly service! 🙂