Why it is important to do regular Audi maintenance service?

You demand high performance from your Audi vehicle and depend on it every day. Likewise, your Audi depends on you for regular service to remain in peak operating condition. A professional athlete requires regular checkups to ensure they continue to play at an elite level. Your Audi relies on regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that it is performing at the top of its game.

What is Audi maintenance service?

Audi maintenance service (or “tune up”/”check up”) is a list of detailed inspections and part replacement at specific intervals. According to Audi, you should do your Audi maintenance service usually every 10,000 miles or 1 year, whichever occurs first. There are also time-dependent items that you should perform every 2 or more years regardless of mileage.

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Regular Audi maintenance service is crucial when it comes to your safety and your passengers. It helps to keep the car in its best shape especially if you plan to keep it for a long period of time. Services are important because they proactively check and replace worn parts before one of them fails and ruins your day. Services also tighten up and reconfigure aspects of your car ensuring that those parts last you much longer. In addition, the regular service is often a requirement to maintain your Audi factory or third party warranty. Keeping records of doing maintenance is often crucial to avoid a denied warranty claim due to a lack of maintenance.

Here are the details of the Audi maintenance intervals based on the model year (opens a new tab):

Audi maintenance cost

The cost of your Audi maintenance is based on the condition, age, and specific vehicle model. Whether you drive a supercharged 3.0 V6 or 2.0T engine, staying current on your Audi maintenance service may save you thousands of dollars. Usually, a minor service including engine oil, filter, and inspections starts at around $200 and goes up to $400+. A major service starts at $600 and can easily go to $1300 or more. Although not tied to regularly scheduled maintenance brake fluid is another common maintenance item.


A common mistake that we have seen is the impression that an engine oil change is a maintenance service. The second misconception is that an oil change is enough to keep your Audi running at peak performance. An oil change is one of the important items however spark plugs, air filter and others are almost as important. The other item like a suspension inspection is critical not only for your safety but also to detect early problems. When done on time you will avoid damaging much more expensive parts. It is important to do it, but that doesn’t mean that you have completed your Audi scheduled maintenance.


You may not be convinced of the importance of performing regular Audi maintenance service. Well, here is an example, which may change your mind.

audi maintenance

Example: sunroof lubrication. At first, you may think that this is not a critical item from the maintenance service list for your Audi. But if not done, the rails will wear faster and bind/break, and the repair may easily be thousands of dollars. Additionally, these breakdowns may happen at the worst time, like when you are on vacation. Or even worse, the roof is open and it starts to rain, etc.

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