Our mission is to constantly improve our meticulous quality in the full service
(dealer alternative), repair, tuning, and racing of Audi, Bentley, Porsche & VW

Bestiale is an expert specialty Audi, Bentley, Porsche, and VW service and tuning company and we offer full factory maintenance, repair, service, tuning, and race/track preparation with honesty, integrity, and exquisite customer service. Our name “Bestiale” comes from Italian, meaning “incredible”, to represent our absolute obsessiveness with incredible quality. We will enhance the performance and visuals of our client’s cars with incredible quality, bleeding-edge technology, and engineering that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth! We use only the highest quality factory tools and OE/genuine parts along with meticulously selected manufacturers of quality performance aftermarket parts. For example, we have fully licensed ODIS, which is the factory diagnostic software for all Audi, Bentley for control module reprogramming, key and immobilizer programming and full diagnostics.

Some of the companies we work with and recommend are GIAC (engine and transmission software tuning), Bilstein (suspension), Akrapovic (exhaust), AWE Tuning (exhaust/cooling/other), EBC brakes (brake pads and discs), Brembo (brake pads and discs), and many many more. Each one has went through our rigorous research and passed our strict quality requirements. We apply the same meticulous high-quality standard when choosing the companies we work with as in the end we represent this company to our clients. If we do not believe in the product we will not offer it and honestly advise our client of this as well. The product quality will ensure high performance and longevity which is the best recipe for success based on our experience.

We also know that each car has a special meaning and was carefully selected by our client. So we take utmost care which starts with ensuring that we have not only the basic liability insurance as required by law, but also comprehensive coverage against theft and damage. It is enough to cover most exotic cars that are in the 6-figure range, so that we can ensure maximum protection and peace of mind that your baby is protected.

Bestiale team

How everything began...

We officially started our quest for success in April 2016, however, the passion for what Bestiale is now, started all the way in 1987. This is when Grigor discovered his love for engineering and later on German cars and Audi.

Before Bestiale, Grigor has been working as a software consultant for 10 years, however, he has always been drawn to cars and racing.  In the summer of 2015, he decided that there is absolutely no sense in not pursuing what he is most passionate about. So he gave up his 6-figure salary and finished his business plan that was in the works for a few months.

And like they say: "The rest is history"

We are absolutely convinced that our passion for incredible quality will guarantee our success in the next 10 years and then in the 10 years after that! 🙂

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